Thursday, 6 December 2012

Acid, Zombies 'n Marshmallows...Merry Christmas Baby!

Damn Cursive Writing will Eat the Flesh from Your Bones!

"Today we worked on corrosive writing."
Wow! Hearing this from my 8-year old son was a little surprising! I had visions of acidic ink EATING through the paper...poor lefty children losing their hands!
Things sure have changed since I was in school.
So, I'm trying desperately not to laugh - and his cousin (a pre-teen and IMMENSELY proud of the title) isn't fazed at ALL.
"Oh? What letter?" she asks.
"The letter G," he tells her. "I practiced my corrosive G over and over."
Her older sister, however, totally gets the difference between flesh dissolving G's and cursive writing. She's trying valiantly not to spontaneously combust while holding in her laughter.
I, on the other hand, am made of sterner stuff... I went into the kitchen to lose it.

O' Little Town of Bethlehem...

With Zombies 'n S'mores

When you have Autism, life is a lot safer when things "make sense." Life should have logic, order, patterns. This is why objects get lined up, sorted, rearranged.
My oldest son apparently found fault with my Mom's nativity scene. I don't know, take it up with Jesus...
To back up - Kaelan is obsessed with Plants VS Zombies. He plays the game, draws pictures of them, makes them out of paper  with moving parts using little metal brads. He has a plastic box FILLED with zombies! (Beware, the zombiepocalypse may very well start here - after all, the box could spill.)
ANYWAY, the NATIVITY of madness! Kaelan has one of his paper zombies and is walking it around the livingroom... Then he's dancing it over the nativity.
"Is that a zombie in the nativity?"
"It's a dragon zombie," he explains.
Ahhh...that makes it a little more exciting!
Then he rearranges the nativity...
Kaelan adds a candle holder to the middle. VERY cozy! It now looks like a camp out and Joseph is on marshmallow duty.
Personally, I think the whole thing would have ended on a MUCH happier note if everyone had s'mores...

On the Good List...But

There is a very cool site called the Portable North Pole. You can go and create videos for your children from Santa.
It's very easy to do. The videos are personalized for each child. Name, age, grade, pictures, what they have been working on (LISTENING to Mom and Dad, etc.), and the dreaded how have they been this year?
My son's Dad created these super cool videos and Santa e-mailed them.
They were SO surprised (and a little concerned) that Santa had actually e-mailed them... I guess the Mom-is-going-to-e-mail-her-good-friend-Santa thing sank in, ha ha!
Kaelan is watching his video with wide-eyed wonder, nodding his head as Santa talks to him - he leans over to me...
"Santa says I have to try a little harder," whispers Kaelan.
"Are you going to try harder?" I ask.
"Yeah... But not too hard."
"Just hard enough," he says. "But it makes me ridiculous."

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  1. Zombies at the birth of Christ ... well, considering his whole rising-from-the-dead shenanigans later on, I can see the logic.