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Friday, 5 April 2013

Magic, Shit and New Glasses to Check it Out...

Leveling Up my Mom Magic
'Cause I Kick Ass that Way

I've been playing Skyrim on PS3 and it is completely KICKASS. There is nothing quite like meandering though another world in armored undies to put some zip in your evening.
I KNOW...nerd. You can say it.
I'm a girl in my game, a COOL girl with uuber skills (at Level 27 - let it be so).
So, when I'm yanked from my awesomeness to deal with real-life salesmen at my door, I'm a little slow on the uptake.
Door-to-door salesmen wanting to hawk their spiffy alarm systems to save me from gangs of marauders and pirates and angry villagers with pitchforks... To top it off I'd get a SIGN for my yard! Oooh, if only some asshole wouldn't immediately steal it (but the alarm system doesn't alert for that - I checked).
I actually wanted to use my shout of Unrelenting Force on him to blast his ass off the deck...but then I remembered I DIDN'T REALLY HAVE THAT... Damn.
So, instead I told him it was okay, I had large dogs with big teeth...and looked over my shoulder.
So he left.
Maybe I AM magic.
Mom - Level 30 something.

How NOT to Keep an Eye on the Dog

Our Bulldog, Tasha, is grounded...and maybe so am I. This is what you DON'T let the dog do while your mother is out. She doesn't appreciate it...neither does Shaw...apparently.
I'm going to guess this is NOT like fibre - and want to be very far away when the whole "what goes in must come out" thing goes on...

She apologized, but what can I say?

Get Me a Patent...STAT

We're on a road trip to the Citay - cruisin' in the SUV and the weather is F-I-N-E = fucking amazing for once. I'm loving it. (Can you tell I'm sick of winter?)
My oldest son, not so much.
"Ugh! I can't SEE! I need a blanket!" he's yelling as he stuffs his jacket up against the window (before he bursts into flames).
"Maybe one day if you stop breaking your glasses we can get you those Transition lenses," I tell him.
"What's a Transmission lense?" he asks.
Before I can correct this, his brother pipes up "Oh, I know!"
However, in the brotherly battle this just isn't done.
"Wait! I know, I know! Transmission is like Temperature," Kaelan guesses.
"That's right, K. Just like your babies name - Temperature (that Temperature is a doll). It's the same as Transmission," explains Reece.
Wow... It was  all SO fast - my mouth just hung open.
Now I'm thinking they'd be like the Harley Davidson brand of the glasses world: Transmission Lenses - FOR METEOROLOGISTS.
"Are you a badass weatherman?
Try Transmission lenses and NO ONE will accuse you of being wrong..."
That shit is BRILLIANT.

April is Autism Awareness Month

You may have seen the commercials, seen it on Twitter or Facebook, but now you get to see it HERE! YAY! Even better, I know.
These are my sons - they are fantastic in EVERY single way. You'd never know it, but they are both on the Autism Spectrum. What an amazing gift, yes?
We are aware everyday and hope for acceptance, inclusion and understanding.  

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bein' Saucy...Oh, She's got Issues

I've got Hair Issues

Kaelan and I are enjoying the SWEETEST snuggles on the couch. I'M all - awwwww...
"You need a haircut," Kaelan tells me.
Okaaayyy...SOMEBODY is not feeling the love nearly as much as I.
"Excuse me?"
"Your hair is poking my eyelashes," he informs me.
"Alright. Maybe Mommy will go get short hair."
"No! I like eating things out of your hair!"
Let me clarify: Many children on the Autism Spectrum have sensory processing issues. They are hypersensitive to some things (light, sound, smell, touch) or hyposensitive to others. These things ebb and flow due to stress and health issues. How to cope with a nerve-wracking, noisy, bright unpredictable world? Stimming!
Everybody stims. Finger tapping, pencil chewing, hair twirling. Repetitive, comforting motions. You get the idea.
THIS is what he was trying to get across - one comfort is trying to mouth hair. (SO - for the record, I don't have creepy crawlies or Cheetos in my "do".)
"You can eat things out of my hair," he generously offers.
"...Sweet, but no thanks."

The Christmas Countdown

My biggest boy was being a seƱor cranky pants this morning. I tell him 'tis the season to be JOLLY (dammit!).
"Christmas is coming," I remind him.
"18 days." He's got the countdown thing down pat.
"You have to be good not JUST on the last day. You know, people are Christmas shopping for your presents beforehand."
"But...peoples only have two hands."
I could only nod and walk away at that.

Oh Rosetta, that Saucy Sailor Talk...

Reece was filling me in on his linguistic ability on the way to school this morning.
"I can speak Vampire," he informs me proudly.
"Oh my!" I had NO idea he'd been hanging with the undead crowd.
"I can also speak Scottish."
This was a bit of a surprise as well. I don't remember Gaelic being on the menu in his school.
"Do you want to hear?"
"Absolutely!" If you think I was going to miss this, you're crazier than I am.
"Aye laddie. Come here! Let's pin a tail on ya!"
Wow! I almost peed.
I can just see my ancestors, three sheets to the wind - playing pin the tail on the Laird!
"I can speak Japanese, too. But it sounds like bad words... You know...s-h-i-t-e and that one with the middle finger. It's a pretty angry language."
Rosetta Stone, rated M for mature.